Here at Galastar we are passionate about both chess as well as Africa. To that end we manufacture unique themed chess sets of the highest quality. Each chess set is lovingly manufactured by our talented team of craftsmen and woman right here in South Africa and then packaged and sold to adorn the homes and offices of chess connoisseurs across the world. This intimate manufacturing process involves hand painting each chess piece, which is made from high-grade ground stone, to ensure a quality, unique product. More than just ordinary chess sets, our chess pieces and chess boards tell the story of Africa; it's animals, its tribes, its history and its struggles. To own a Galastar chess set is to own a functional piece of art, beautifully designed for your pleasure which will make a stunning addition to your collection.


Robben Island Political Chess Set

Embark on a political journey in the struggle for freedom in South Africa. Have your own fair share in the moment that decided the fate of a nation

African Tribal Chess Set / Large

African Tribal Chess Set - Zulu / Ndebele

Embark on a tribal war for power between Shaka & Mzilikazi. See them bring their tribes to glory in this historical split of Zulus & Ndebeles.

Fat Five & Friends Animal Chess Set

Add comical relief to your chess game with this humorous version of the Big 5 chess set. Light up the room with its hilarious take on these fierce an...

African Tribal Chess Set / Small

Charge to war the evenly matched Kings of the Zulu and Ndebele tribes, Shaka Zulu and Mzilikazi Khumalo in this normal sized chess board.

African Animal Chess Set - Big 5 Busts

Hold in your hand the majestic pieces representing the most feared animals in the African wild. 5 Equally strong animals engaging in battle for territ...

Bushmen Khoisan Chess Set / Large

Experience the struggle of the oldest African tribe as they fight for survival in the harsh plains of the Kalahari Desert.

Mini African Animal Chess Set

Take a unique view into the wild with miniature animal chess pieces. As small and fragile as they may appear, they are wild beasts to never be taken f...

Mini Tribal Chess Set

Enjoy a wonderful chess game between the Xhosa and Zulus, two of South Africa's biggest and equally matched tribes. Lead to victory your tribe of choi...