Fat Five & Friends Animal Chess Set


Take home your piece of the African Animal Kingdom with this superior quality chess set uniquely themed with some of the biggest and most respected indigenous endangered African animals.

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Aptly named the Fat Five Chess Set, this unique themed chess set ads a bit of humour to the game of chess with a whimsical take on the Big 5 African game animals. The most assiduous attention to detail, brings life to each facet of our Fat Five African Animal themed chess pieces. From the mane of our lion, the spots of our leopard, the horns of our buffalo, the hide of our rhino, to the stripes of our zebra, every hand moulded piece, will make your chess experience feel as though it takes place right at the heart of the magical African Wild. With exaggerated features and quizzical facial expressions these chess pieces and board, which have been fashioned out of ground stone, kiaat and koto woods,  make for a stunning collector’s item.
All the pieces in this unique chess set are sculptured by our in-house artists, then produced from custom made, hand-designed moulds, followed up with hours of the finest attention in hand-painted colouring, with the focus on intricate detail, to give realism to this Fat Five African Animal themed chess set. The tallest chess piece in the collection is the uncontested Lion, sitting in leisurely at 56mm tall, with all the chess pieces having a base diameter of between 26-34mm. This fits perfectly on the 50mm2 chess squares on our ground stone chess board. As always, great care has been taken to neatly and securely package the 4kg chess set to prevent damage while transporting or storing.

More Information

The King chess piece:
The lion (Panthera Leo), true King of the African Jungle, sits on his rock throne, as head of this chess board. Will his rule stand unbroken? These cats are social animals and are the largest of the cat family. Males have manes and are larger than the females. Mainly nocturnal, but seen at dawn and dusk. The pride consists of one, or occasionally, more than one male, a dominant female, mature and young animals.

The Queen Chess piece
Fast and far-moving the Leopardess, (Panthera pardus) is Queen to our Lion King. Will her agile leap be halted in its tracks? These nocturnal cats with their black spots are shy, yet cunning and dangerous. Leopards are generally solitary animals. They are very good tree-climbers and often pull their prey up the tree to protect it from scavengers. They breed throughout the year and can live for +/- 20 years. They mainly live along streams, rivers or mountains and have large hunting grounds.

The Knight Chess piece
The Rhino (White Rhino -Ceratotherium simum –and Black Rhino - Diceros bicornis)is a formidable force in the African wild. Females weigh in at around 1600kgs with males weighing up to 2400kgs. Their armour like skin and stout horn make them a fierce contender in this game of chess as the knight chess piece.

The Bishop Chess piece
The wise buffalo waits for the right time to strike from his home as Bishop on our chess board. Could there be strength to pull down this sage beast? The light reddish-brown buffalo is fond of wallowing in mud. Both male and female have horns. The male is more heavily built and his horns are bigger than the females. The habitat is generally in savannah regions, close to water.  They are inquisitive animals that have an acute sense of smell, poor eyesight and hearing.  They are very dangerous animals to hunt

The Rook/Castle Chess piece
The heavy African elephant (Loxodonta Africana) sits unmoving as our Rook/Castle chess piece. These huge, heavily built creatures are diurnal and nocturnal. They have a trunk, flat ears and tusks of varying length. The trunk serves as nose and “hand” to break off branches. They also use it for showering and the drinking of water. They swim well and enjoy splashing about in mud. Their diet consists mainly of grass, leaves, branches, bark of trees and fruit.

The Pawn Chess piece
The Plains Zebra (Equus quagga) with its distinctive black and white stripes are the Pawn Pieces of this chess set. The black and whites stripes are not just for show though, but rather plays a vital role in their defence from predators as well as boasts a unique cooling attribute which comes in very handy in the hot African sun.

Light chess pieces
King  Lion chess piece
King height 56mm
Queen Leopard chess piece
Queen height 53mm
Bishop Buffalo chess piece
Bishop height 50mm
Knight Hippo chess piece
Knight height 47mm
Castle Elephant chess piece
Castle height 45mm
Pawn Warthog chess piece
Pawn height 36mm
Chess pieces base diameter  
Dark chess pieces
King  Lion chess piece
King height 56mm
Queen Leopard chess piece
Queen height 53mm
Bishop Buffalo chess piece
Bishop height 50mm
Knight Rhino chess piece
Knight height 45mm
Castle Elephant chess piece
Castle height 45mm
Pawn Zebra chess piece
Pawn height 36mm
Chess pieces base diameter 26-34mm
Themed Chess board information
Chess Board size playing square: 42mm x 42mm
Chess Board material kiaat/ koto/ maple wood
Chess Board frame material Ground stone - hand painted
Chess Boards size 390mm x 390mm
Chess Set Packaged wheight 4kg
Chess Set Packaged dimensions 470mm x 470mm x 110mm
Carved detail on chess set