Mini African Animal Chess Set


Grab your piece of the African Animal Kingdom with this miniature chess set, themed with some of the animals Africa is most proud to call its own.

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This unique, rare  African Themed Chess Set forms part of our “miniature” series, for the player who prefers a smaller board. Each piece captures Africa’s enchanting animal, perched, ready upon their rock, just as one would expect from beasts that are amongst the most respected and treasured in the wilds of our world.
The most sedulous attention to detail brings realism to each tiny aspect of our Miniature African Animal themed chess pieces. From the grand mane of our lion, the unique spots of our leopard, the curled horns of our buffalo, the cheeky smirk of the baboon, to the mysterious stripes of our zebra, every hand-moulded chess piece will make your chess game seem as though it takes place right at the core of the enchanting African Wild. All atop a Kiat, Kota and maple wood board, perfectly framed in etched ground-stone.
All the pieces in this unique chess set were, sculptured in-house, produced from custom made, hand-designed moulds, followed up with hours of the finest attention in hand-painted colouring, with a focus on intricate detail, to give realism to this African Animal themed chess set. The tallest chess piece in the collection is the uncontested Lion, sitting in leisurely, 56mm tall, with all the chess pieces having a base diameter of between 26-34mm. This fits perfectly on the 50mm2 chess squares on our ground stone chess board. As always, great care has been taken to neatly and securely package the 4kg chess set to prevent damage while transporting or storing.

More Information

The King chess piece:
The lion, true King of the African Jungle, sits on his rock throne, as head of this chess board. Will his power stand unchallenged?

The Queen Chess piece
The Swift and ever-travelling Leopardess, is Queen to our Lion King. Will her grace and stealth be enough to bring you victory?

The Knight Chess piece
Quick to action, the Zebra join in as our Knights. But who can bring down the enduring Zebra?

The Bishop Chess piece
The wise buffalo waits for the ultimate opportunity to strike from where he sits as Bishop on our chess board. Could there be any with the vigour to pull down this gigantic beast?

The Rook/Castle Chess piece
The weighty elephant sits stern as our Rooks. Who is brave enough to oust the impregnable Elephant?

The Pawn Chess piece
A familiar sight among the rocky areas of the African wild, the clever baboon is racketeering as usual on the chess board, as the Pawn in our noble game.

Information on chess pieces in the set
King  Lion chess piece
King height 40mm
Queen Leopard chess piece
Queen height 40mm
Bishop Buffalo chess piece
Bishop height 35mm
Knight Zebra chess piece
Knight height 35mm
Castle Elephant chess piece
Castle height 35mm
Pawn Baboon chess piece
Pawn height 30mm
Chess pieces base diameter 20mm
Themed Chess board information
Chess Board size playing square: 25mmx25mm
Chess Board material Ground stone - hand painted
Chess Board frame material Ground stone - hand painted
Chess Boards size 270mmx270mm
Chess Set Packaged wheight 2.9kg
Chess Set Packaged dimensions 310mm x 305mm x 90mm