Handcrafted African Tribal Chess Sets

Africa is a place of wonder and beauty, but at the same time can be brutal, just like the game of chess! This is especially true for the many African tribes that have had to learn how to survive in this wonderous land. From having to fight for survival in the barren wastelands of the Kalahari and the Namib Deserts to battling fierce animals like the Elephant, Lion and Rhinoceros in the savannahs, the people of Africa have had to learn to adapt and endure.

With our themed African tribal chess sets we celebrate these people, their customs, their culture and their unique way of life. Our range of African chess sets capture the spirit of the Zulu Tribe, Ndebele Tribe, Xhosa Tribe and the Khoi San Tribe (Bushmen Tribes) and has been meticulously designed. Handcrafted from durable Polystone and then hand-painted by local artisans, our chess sets are both functional and beautiful. Buy one of our African tribal chess sets today.

African Tribal Chess Set / Large

Embark on a tribal war for power between Shaka & Mzilikazi. See them bring their tribes to glory in this historical split of Zulus & Ndebeles.

African Tribal Chess Set / Small

Charge to war the evenly matched Kings of the Zulu and Ndebele tribes, Shaka Zulu and Mzilikazi Khumalo in this normal sized chess board.

Bushmen Khoisan Chess Set / Large

Experience the struggle of the oldest African tribe as they fight for survival in the harsh plains of the Kalahari Desert.

Mini Tribal Chess Set

Enjoy a wonderful chess game between the Xhosa and Zulus, two of South Africa's biggest and equally matched tribes. Lead to victory your tribe of choi...