Unique Themed South African Political Chess Set


In 1994 with the fall of the National Party, the rise of the ANC, the succession of F.W. De Klerk by the honourable Nelson Mandela, the world shared in the exultation of the South African people and their triumph over the infamous Apartheid regime. This unique, pristinely crafted African themed set, presents you the opportunity to celebrate equality and the historic victory over oppression in your next chess battle.

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Although the apartheid era has been replaced by a free democratic society, we must never forget the apartheid period and the people who were involved in the transition, so humanity does not repeat history.

Add a touch of freedom history to your intellectual chess game. Whether you fight under the Orange, White and Blue of the Old South African Flag or the vibrant colours of the New South Africa, nothing adds joy to your game, like being reminded of this uniquely glorious victory for human rights.

Every hand-moulded groove, every hand-painted detail, every lovingly carved engraving of these exceptional quality chess pieces brings you right in to the sheer jubilation of this conquest for racial equality. So, you too will feel like punching the air along with Winnie Madikizela Mandela, grinning along with Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu, or perhaps an unfortunate chess defeat will have you frowning like Eugene Terreblanche. Whichever way your game goes, there is no doubt you will feel the spirit and unity of the South African people, in the unmatched craftsmanship of this collector’s chess set.

All pieces in this unique chess set were sculptured in-house, produced from custom made, hand-designed moulds, followed up with hours of the finest attention in hand-painted colouring, with a focus on intricate detail, to give realism to this Robben Island themed chess set. The tallest chess piece in the collection is the saluting Winnie Madikizela Mandela, hand upheld, coming in at 120mm with all the chess pieces having a base diameter of 30mm. This fits perfectly on the 50mm2 chess squares on our ground stone chess board. As always, great care has been taken to neatly and securely package the chess set that weighs 5.8kg to prevent damage while transporting or storing.

More Information

The King chess piece:
Nelson Mandela, the father of Africa stands proudly as the head of our ANC party, with F.W de Klerk as the King for the opposition.

The Queen Chess piece
Wives of the leaders of each side, Winnie Mandela and Mrs De Klerk stand by their respective man’s side in the chess sets fight for freedom.

The Knight Chess piece
Coming in for the ANC we have journalists who helped keep the people informed of what was happening the fight against oppression. On the Old South Africa side we have Eugene Terblanche standing his ground on our ground-stone chess board.

The Bishop Chess piece
Charismatic Desmond Tutu, and outspoken Roelof Frederik "Pik" Botha stand in fittingly as our bishops.

The Rook/Castle Chess piece
The Robben Island Light house & the NG. Kerk Church hold strong as our Rooks.

The Pawn Chess piece
Working prisoners of Robben Island in their numbers, individually characterized,  are the Pawns of our New South Africa and the prison guards with their Old South African colours enforce the views of our National Party team, in this truly one-of-a-kind, exceptional quality African Themed Chess-set.


Gala Star has a team of artist’s intent on preserving a proud heritage and history of Southern Africa and the many diverse people of this corner of the world. Although the apartheid era has been replaced by a free democratic society, we must never forget the apartheid period and the people who were involved in the transition, so humanity does not repeat history. The characters in the chess set were decided by all at Gala Star CC. The board borders tell the history of apartheid until the inauguration of Nelson Mandela.

Dark Base 
King  Nelson Mandela chess piece
King height 100mm
Queen Winnie Mandela chess piece
Queen height 120mm
Bishop Desmond Tutu chess piece
Bishop height 95mm
Knight Journalists chess piece
Knight height 85mm
Castle Robben Island Lighthouse chess piece
Castle height 80mm
Pawn Quarry Prisoners chess piece
Pawn height 75mm
Chess pieces base diameter 30mm
Light Base
King  FW De Klerk chess piece
King height 105mm
Queen Mrs De Klerk chess piece
Queen height 103mm
Bishop Pik Botha chess piece
Bishop height 100mm
Knight Eugene Terreblanche chess piece
Knight height 91mm
Castle Church chess piece
Castle height 75mm
Pawn Robben Island Gaurds chess piece
Pawn height 75mm
Chess pieces base diameter 30mm